Author Bio

Kim Gonzales, originally a California girl, now calls beautiful Washington State her home.

Most of her life has been focused on healthy living.

At a very young age, Kim was exercising and health conscious.

In high school, she was on the drill team and played tennis and basketball.

Immediately after high school she joined her first gym and has been working-out ever since.

After years of suffering with breathing issues due to allergies and asthma, Kim developed an allergy / asthma management plan, which included allergy proofing her home.

Her allergies are much more under control now and she rarely reaches for the inhaler!

Managing allergies is just part of her daily healthy living plan.

Click here to see tips on how to manage allergies!Her healthy living plan also includes eating nutrient rich foods, daily exercise, lowering stress, managing her mind, being productive, and having an active social life.

She strongly believes in a preventive approach to wellness (Integrative Medicine) as opposed to traditional medicine, which treats disease.

Known as a “get it done” girl, Kim is very resourceful and likes to solve problems.

She creates practical solutions that save time, money and frustration.

Kim has a positive attitude and always tries to find the humor in everything!

She’s a certified life coach, and passionate about helping her clients, as well as blogging and writing.

In fact, in addition to Live Well With Allergies, she’s has three other books.

Her goal in life is to share her healthy living approach in hopes that she will inspire others to make positive changes.

Do you suffer from allergies, asthma, or breathing issues? What kinds of things have you tried for relief?

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